The implementation would follow a regional approach with the following being the definition of the regions:

  • Region 1: North America
  • Region 2: Latin America (including Central America and the Caribbean)
  • Region 3: Europe
  • Region 4: Middle East and North Africa
  • Region 5: Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Region 6: Central Asia
  • Region 7: Far East and South-East Asia
  • Region 8: Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand)

This regional approach would result in an astronomy development structure containing:

  1. International Office: headed by the co-ordinator - FTE

  2. 8 Regional Hubs: this would usually be a group of people in the region who have links with the IAU and a relatively well established astronomy programme

  3. Country Nodes: each country should have a team of people addressing the development of astronomy in their country – this team could be the same as the IYA national nodes

  4. Email Networks and Communication Structures: there would be 3 main networks that one would communicate with through email discussion lists, telecons, skypecasts, meetings, etc.:

    a. Regional Hubs
    b. Country Nodes
    c. Open network of individuals interested in development of astronomy


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