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Continuing the discussion...
Posted Friday, 24 September 2010 By kg
Greetings everyone.
Let's continue the discussion on this forum.

At 16:00 UT tonight there will be a Skype conference call to discuss in person. We will endeavour to record the whole conversation and post it on this website. However, those who cannot make it for the Skype conference are welcome to post your thoughts here.

Hi Kevin
Posted Monday, 27 September 2010 By Jean Leon IRAGENA
I am very sorry; i missed the discussion last Friday. I hope to participate in other coming discussions if you plan some.

Kind regards

Millsaps College
Jackson City-MS
United States of America
From Khalil
Posted Friday, 24 September 2010 By kg
Hi Kevin,

Sorry I can't make it for the Skype conf. However I'll contribute in the emergence of the AfAS.
Could I suggest to use the MEARIM conference as an opportunity to gather representatives of each African country and organise the founding Assembly of the AfAS? This requires that you devote a special day for that and alot of preparation from all of us under the coordination of a provisional committee.

The question of funding is much important. There must be membership fees but institutions such as the African Union should be sought for to provide a permanent fund to the AfAS, i.e. all african countries should contribute through this channel.

The most important is the spirit of the AfAS: I have witnessed the birth of so many societies that remined sterile because of politics and non spoken objectives of its founders: this should be cured from the beginning if one wants to assure a successful, productive and a life long society.

As to the white paper it needs polishing and a by law section should be developed.

We must be all grateful to Prof Okeke for his initiative.

Best regards


Dr Khalil Chamcham
Beecroft Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
Astrophysics Department
University of Oxford
Meeting at MEARIM
Posted Saturday, 25 September 2010 By Case Rijsdijk
Hi Kevin,

I agree with Khalil. I think the best plan is for as many individuals from as many African countries attend MEARIM-2, put aside some time there and start to set up the AfAS (or African Institute of Astronomy, AIA). I also firmly believe that a top-down approach will work better - even if initially only 3/4 countries start AfAS, it will grow. If you wait till countries have set-up their own organizations AfAS will never take off. Ouagadougou is too soon, but a great time to start seriously putting some ideas together and present them at MEARIM-2

From Legesse
Posted Friday, 24 September 2010 By kg
Dear Kevin,

The establishment of AFAS will be a monument to Africa and it is in line with the IAU Strategic Plan for 2010-2020. AFAS will greatly help some of us struggling to get the basic knowledge of astronomy to the remote parts of Africa such as Ethiopia.

Legesse Kebede (PhD)
Addis Ababa University
From Ed
Posted Friday, 24 September 2010 By kg
Dear Kevin,
There are many exciting developments in Astronomy going on
in Africa. If you do not mind I will skype-in on Friday from

All my best (and best wishes to the AfAS)
Ed Guinan
10 year strategies
Posted Friday, 24 September 2010 By kg
Quick thought is that should the African Astronomical Society be established with everyone's buy-in then it should naturally adopt two important documents into its strategy, one being the IAU decadal strategy ( and the other being the 10 year plan for Africa (
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