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origin of milkyway
Posted Wednesday, 13 February 2019 By Arunprasad

In the universe light and darkness is present.
Light is passed through a prism it splits into seven colors [VIBGYOR] [Ref.1].
In the midpoint of milky way a shell[REF.2] called hydrogen ion shell is present.
Shell is like a ball. At present there is nothing inside the shell.
Before the galaxy is beginning liquid hydrogen liquid is present inside the shell.
Shell open at a point. Squeeze hydrogen liquid into red hydrogen ions gases.
Like prism experiment several elements are formed by nuclear fusion[ref.5] of hydrogen ions. Several elements [Ref.3] having the colors are formed.
Every stars, planet have individual hydrogen gas ion for rotation.
From the shell to the disc time is constant. After that time start in four arms.
Hydrogen ion disc – constant [static].
Stars, planets, black hole – rotation [dynamic].
Milky Way[Ref.4] is formed from milky white liquid it is called as Milky Way.
“Without proton and electron, nuclei can exist. But without nuclei no existence of proton and electron”
“Without four arms of milky way existence of hydrogen ion disc. But without nuclei hydrogen ion disc no existence of four arms of Milky Way”.

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