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From Claire
Posted Friday, 24 September 2010 By kg
Hello Pius and Kevin

Sorry, it’s not clear to me – is this a proposed Act within the Nigerian legal system?



Claire Flanagan

Wits Planetarium

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From Case
Posted Friday, 24 September 2010 By kg
Hi Kevin,

What a wonderful idea! Some comments that my be useful. It will need:

1 a permanent "home" is some institution - (OAD?) - see below
2 funding - this could be along the IAU lines of governments paying subs for its members
3 a small management team (secretariat, paid) to keep it active and running, say 2/3 people, in an office with proper telecoms etc.
4 a regular big meeting - possibly replace MEARIM? See below
5 regular smaller meetings on a rotational basis
6 address the usual anglo-/franco-phone divide to avoid getting two camps within AfAS

I think it would be great ito funding and management if AfAS could become a Commission within the IAU

The advantages are:

-- this would mean that all African members of the IAU are automatically members of AfAS
-- it would ensure sustainability and meet every three years in an international environment at the GA of the IAU
-- Symposia could be organized under the IAU structures, giving status to them + publications
-- Maybe the MEARIM Series could become the tri-denial home for the AfAS
-- it could then also become one of the "pillars" of the OAD and have a permanent base there.

The disadvantages:

-- a possible decrease in autonomy - but that should be addressable
- - one doesn't want to set a precedent so that other groupings would also like to enjoy these benefits - should be able to overcome that by saying it forms part of the OAD plan (?) and is a once off special case - I think that under current circumstances the IAU might be sympathetic.

Further, should SKA appear on the local scene the axis of SALT, SKA and HESS could well form an important driver for AfAS. And a possible role for NASSP must also be considered - students could form important ambassadors for AfAS.

What about calling it "The African Institute of Astronomy"? AIA sounds OK and maybe a bit more professional! Most astronomical societies are amateur oriented.

If I dream up any more crazy ideas I'll forward them! But I hope that some of these are useful

Kind reegards

From Kingsley
Posted Friday, 24 September 2010 By kg
Dear Kelvin,

I think the paper is a significant step forward for the establishment
of the Continental Society. Hope others show enough enthusiasm towards
the skype meeting.

Kingsley Okpala
Department of Physics and Astronomy,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka,
From Romanus
Posted Friday, 24 September 2010 By kg
Dear Prof. Okeke,

I read with great interest the write up by your team on “African
Astronomical Society” and wish ask a question on how this society will
be funded. I ask this question bearing in mind that government of most
African countries are very reluctant when it comes to funding

Please recall that we inaugurated the Nigerian Astronomical Society
about three years ago and because of fund that society only exits in
name. How are we going to ensure that the African Astronomical Society
will not only exit is name?


-- Dr. Romanus Eze Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Nigeria, Nsukka Enugu State, Nigeria Mobile Phone: +2348037791388
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